Billing Solutions

Say goodbye to paper invoices with online bill pay

Billing services from Card Payment Solutions makes it easier than ever to create, send, and collect on invoices for your business.  Offer clients the convenience of paying online from their computer or smartphone, and take advantage of comprehensive reporting so you always know where you stand.

Save on Paper and Postage

Digital billing offers businesses a better way to manage their accounts receivable.  Create invoices in the virtual terminal and send them to clients to be paid online through their client portal or the mobile app, saving you money on paper and postage.

Digital billing reduces the amount of past due payments by offering customers a fast and easy way to pay their bills online, and offers the option for recurring billing so customers don't have to remember another bill to pay each month for ongoing services.

Lower your expenses and improve your collection on invoices with billing solutions from Card Payment Solutions.

Pay Invoices Online

Instantly create and send invoices to customers that they can pay online:

  • Offer customers an easy alternative for mailing payments and recurring billing.
  • Add billing to your e-commerce solutions for more robust service offerings.

Better Bookkeeping

Online billing through the virtual terminal offers seamless bookkeeping and reporting:

  • Integrate your accounts receivable software for accurate reporting.
  • Connect to your enterprise resource planning (ERP) software for more options.

No More Mailing Invoices

Businesses and customers save money and time with online billing:

  • Lower costs related to paper, printing, and postage and time at the post office.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by reducing paper usage.

Change the Way Your Business Processes Purchases.

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