Dry Cleaning

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You know better than anyone that customers value quick and simple service when dropping off and picking up their dry cleaning.  Help customers get in and out quicker with efficient POS and card payment solutions.

Featured Dry Cleaning Solutions

Accept more payment types, improve efficiency, and engage customers for a better customer experience with these solutions from Card Payment Solutions.

Point of Sale

Card Payment Solutions provides POS Systems for dry cleaners to process transactions at checkout. Businesses also benefit from integrated management apps, including employee time clock and payroll.


Card Payment Solutions delivers the latest in payment technology to enable dry cleaners to accept more payment types, promoting more sales. Whether your customers prefer fast EMV card inserts, or tech savvy services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, we have you covered.


Take advantage of cash advance and business loan services provided by Card Payment Solutions to access capital for investing in your business' growth. Whether you need to buy new cleaning equipment, or give your lobby a fresh makeover, Card Payment Solutions can help.

ATM Solutions

ATMs provide customers with greater flexibility in how they purchase goods and services, and gives you another means of earning profit through fees collected from customers when they use your ATM to withdraw cash.

Featured Retail Products:

Check out these popular products from leading brands provided by Card Payment Solutions.

Clover Station

Complete POS System

Star DS2278

Wireless long lasting battery

Complete POS

Versatile and adaptive

Clover Mini

Versatile and adaptive

Change the Way Your Business Processes Purchases.

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