Serve the community with convenient billing

Offer residents a variety of flexible options for paying taxes and utilities in person or online via a secure virtual terminal, as well as schedule recurring billing for ongoing services. 

Featured Municipalities Solutions

Accept more payment types, improve efficiency, and engage customers for a better customer experience with these solutions from Card Payment Solutions.


Card Payment Solutions delivers the latest in payment technology to enable offices to accept more payment types, improving flexibility for visitors. Whether your people prefer fast EMV card inserts, or tech savvy services such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, we have you covered.


Streamline tax and utility payments with online bill pay solutions from Card Payment Solutions.  Reduce long lines onsite by offering customers online options to pay bills and elect recurring billing for consistent payments.

Billing Solutions

Billing services from Card Payment Solutions makes it easier than ever to create, send, and collect on invoices. Offer customers the convenience of paying online from their computer or smartphone, and take advantage of comprehensive reporting so you always know where you stand.

Check Services

Take checks again with check authorization from TeleCheck and Card Payment Solutions. Identify and refuse potentially risky checks while accepting authorized checks from genuine customers. Avoid lost profits from bad checks and blanket check refusals with Card Payment Solutions.

Featured Municipalities Products:

Check out these popular products from leading brands provided by Card Payment Solutions.


EMV Capable Card Reader

Complete POS

Versatile and adaptive

Change the Way Your Business Processes Purchases.

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